September 7, 2020

ERC CONDEMNS SENSELESS KILLINGS OF TEENS AT COTTON TREE, WCB -calls for swift action by the Police The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), strongly condemns the senseless killings of the two teens, Joel Henry and Isaiah Henry at Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice over the weekend and calls for swift action by the police to apprehend those responsible. The Commission is pleading with Guyanese, especially those residing in the West Coast Berbice and nearby communities to remain calm and allow the Police to do their work.

The ERC remains firm that, first and foremost, the law must take its course. The Commission therefore, appeals to Guyanese to desist from any activity which can contribute to unnecessary tension as it is hopeful that those responsible will be brought to justice.

The Commission also strongly urges leaders, both nationally and at the community levels, to demonstrate responsible behaviour and to not use the pain of this tragedy to heighten racial tension. The ERC extends condolences to the relatives and friends of the young men whose lives were cut short in a heinous manner.

The ERC remains committed entirely, which it is fully empowered to do, to taking whatever course of action it deems necessary to assist in the de-escalation of tensions and the mending of fractured relations among citizens. The ERC reiterates that investigations by the Police must first take precedence before the ERC acts to defuse any unwanted developments resulting from the tragic occurrences a few days ago.

Ethnic Relations Commission