January 12, 2021

The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), salutes all Chinese residing in Guyana, especially Guyanese of Chinese descent as well as those residing in the diaspora, on the occasion of Chinese Arrival Day being observed today.

The ERC recognises their invaluable contribution in the spheres of culture and commerce in the journey of shaping modern Guyana. The Commission hails the milestone on the national calendar which, in this instance, dates back to 1853 when the first batch of Chinese immigrants arrived in then British Guiana.

The Commission in December, 2020 during its inaugural National Conversation on improving ethnic relations, obtained the contribution of a representative of that ethnicity, as one of the many voices.

The ERC had also in November, 2019, engaged the Charge´ D’Affaires of the Chinese embassy to discuss, among other things, collaborative efforts to promote ethnic harmony.

Ethnic Relations Commission

January 12, 2021