May 15, 2020

As cases continue to climb exponentially in the number of individuals tested positive for COVID-19, the Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), enjoins all Guyanese to practice social distancing and only to go out when it is absolutely necessary.

There is no existing playbook to combat this pernicious virus, but what is known is that having fewer gatherings, wearing of face masks, constantly washing of hands and the use of an alcohol-based sanitizer daily, would slow down the spread of the virus.

In spite of the pandemic, the ERC continues work although its office remains closed due to the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown. The work of the Commission continues virtually, and contact can be made via email to its Investigations Unit at [email protected] or the Public Education and Awareness Unit at [email protected]

The ERC wishes to remind that persons who feel they are being discriminated against based on their ethnicity can still file a complaint to the ERC. Any accompanying evidence would also be useful. Letters with complaints can also be sent to the ERC Office: 66 Peter Rose and Anira Sts. Queenstown, Georgetown. A complaint can also be made by filling out an online form on our website at or by downloading our MY ERC APP to your mobile device.

The Commission recently undertook initiatives to strengthen awareness and celebration of the Guyanese diversity. The Public Education and Awareness Unit of the ERC recently launched the ERC ‘Diversity Challenge’ on its Facebook Page and is inviting Guyanese to celebrate their culture by visiting the page and connect especially with friends and family who are of different ethnic backgrounds.

Visitors to the page are encouraged to download and use the ERC’s “Let Harmony Come In” song in their videos with the participation of friends and family. The videos can be uploaded with hashtag #ERCDiversityChallenge and in-boxed to the ERC Facebook page to be shared. The ‘Diversity Challenge’ runs until the first week of June 2020. More similar events are planned for 2020 and 2021. Although a great amount of concern exists due to COVID-19 and the elections impasse, the ERC nevertheless urges Guyanese who are spending most of their time at home to take advantage of the ‘Diversity Challenge’ and celebrate our many cultures. The ERC remains resolute to promoting national harmony among the various ethnic groups and its work involves conflict resolution, public education, investigation and research.

MAY 15, 2020